Saturday, May 26, 2018

Book-1 The Mystical Island. (Written by Anya Abello)

A new story from Anya Abello...
Little Lucy Livens, the spoiled daughter of Mr and Mrs Livens, owns a stuffed bear named Jack and a stuffed kangaroo named Kangra, who come to life when no one is around.  They unexpectedly find themselves confronted with a task: taking care of four orphaned stuffed animal children who come to live in the same house. Soiled little Lucy isn't the best caretaker and one day she takes the toys to the beach and leaves the bear, the kangaroo, and the stuffed animal children. The adventure begins, as they sail away for an island no human has ever seen, the Mystical Island for lost stuffed animals.  Together they have to be smart, brave, and cheerful as they find their way to the island and begin their new life...

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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Orphanage written by Anya Abello

A fun adventurous story, and with deep friend ship. Margret comes from a very rich family, but when her parents get killed on a vacation, her nanny Miss Fileatmay takes her, into a deep dark forest, where a woman named Miss Delilah keeps an orphanage. Here she puts Margret, hoping never to see her again. Margret makes friends and quickly learns the routine, but she wants to earn Miss Delilah's trust. When she does, all her friends leave her. Will Margret earn back her friends trust, what will happen when Miss Delilah finds out, and will Margaret ever leave the orphanage...

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017